High School Programs and Enrollment


Beginning Monday, November 1st through Tuesday, November 30th, students will be able to apply to a first and second choice program for the high school specialty program.

Take some time to consider all the options before applying.  An application can be submitted anytime during the application window to be considered.  There is no priority given to early applications.

Two specialty programs – C.K. McClatchy HISP and John F. Kennedy PACE – also require students to write an essay.  Applicants will receive an email invitation to HISP and PACE essay sessions once they have successfully submitted their online application before the November 30th deadline.  Essay sessions will be held in December.

If a student meets eligibility requirements, the application will either be accepted or moved on to a lottery system.  A lottery will be implemented when eligible applications exceed the grade capacity at the requested specialty program.  If your student isn’t selected during this step, they will be placed on a waiting list for their first choice only.

The SCUSD Enrollment Center will mail out notification letters to applicants at the end of January 2022.

Click here to hear and learn more about the specialty programs.