Back  to School Night

It’s an evening where your child’s teachers will explain their goals for the class and for your child.  The teachers will share information about what your child will be learning and their teaching style and methodology. Parents will learn how teachers grade and the requirements needed to get a good grade.  Parents will find out about supplies their child will need to be successful that year and upcoming projects, events, or assignments.

Awards Ceremony

Will C. Wood’s awards ceremony is an event dedicated to recognizing students for their outstanding academic achievement and improvement.  

Honor Roll 

To make the Honor Roll, students must have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher (which is a “B” average). Students cannot have any D’s or F’s, nor any N’s. If students have straight A’s, he/she will be awarded the Principal’s List certificate, our highest honor! 

Honor Roll assemblies are held after the end of each quarter except for 4th quarter.  Stay tuned and watch out for invitations that are sent home with the students.. 

Multicultural Night

The annual multicultural night is a celebration of the ethnic and cultural diversity of our community.  It’s an opportunity for students, families, and community members to come together and share the music, dance, food, and traditions of their heritage.  Students of all ages and the community are encouraged to perform during this family event and everyone is invited to enjoy the vast array of cuisine prepared that evening.

Million Word Reader Pool Party

Each year students who read a million words or more are invited to attend the end-of-year pool party.   Students get to enjoy a day swimming pool with their friends and good food cooked by school staff.    

Open House

Open house is the culmination of another school year.  Its an evening where teachers showcase and share with  parents what the students have been learning all year.  


Wood holds about 4 dances each school year. The first being a Back to School Dance, followed by a Winter Dance, and a Spring Dance which is open for the whole student body.  The last dance of the year is the 8th Grade Dance which is solely for 8th grade students.  It is the only dance held in the early evening.

Field Day

Each year Wood celebrates the end of the school year with Field Day.  It is a time for students to have fun with all their friends.  The day traditionally consists of a variety of events, games, and competitions that everyone can enjoy.  

Spirit Week

Spirit Weeks are held throughout the school year to promote school spirit and a positive campus culture.  Spirit weeks are organized by ASB.  Spirit Week allows students to show their school spirit by dressing up or participating in special activities.