Book Club

Book club is where readers come together to discuss books in an informal setting. Students can enjoy a kind of community-building experience by meeting with friends to choose, read, and discuss books together. The meetings can come to life with discussions, arts and crafts, and activities.  Come read – then live the experience…sail a tall ship…journey to a tea garden…help choose the next book — the next adventure.

Advisors: Ms. Raber and Mrs. Ledbetter

Club Strong

Club Strong is a violence prevention club that promotes bystander intervention on campus and creating student leaders both on and off campus. Students learn about dating, types of abuse, healthy relationships, consent, how to cope with difficult emotions and gender socialization. Students have weekly meetings in room I-24 on Fridays at lunch and host fun tabling events on campus during awareness months. To join, just show up to club on Fridays! This club is brought to you by WEAVE because When Everyone Acts Violence Ends.

Advisor:  Ms. Shelby (WEAVE Confidential Advocate)

Computer Club

All students are welcome to join the computer club.  All you need is a fascination with computers, technology, or both! The club meets each week to learn about building and repairing computers and more.  Students benefit from the structure of the club, the social interaction, and the emphasis on teamwork.

Advisor: Mr. Todd

Drawing Club

Drawing club is an after school club that meets weekly.  It is open to all grade levels.  This is a great place for students to explore their personal interests in drawing and get some hands on experience with different techniques and materials if they are not in art class or if they just want more drawing in their life.

Advisor: Mr. Lindamood

Hmong Club

Hmong club is open to anyone who would like to learn more about the Hmong history, culture, music, language, and more.  It promotes higher education and inspires students to achieve their academic goals.  Students in Hmong club will receive an opportunity to work together as a team, support one another, learn and accept individual differences, and attend educational conferences/events.

Advisor: Mr. Chang

Love FTW Club

The Love FTW Club allows students to be who they are.  It offers a supportive safe space for all LGBTQIA students and allies.  Members meet once a week during lunch time.  Club meetings include discussions, activities, and socializing.

Advisor: Mr. Budge


Mathletes meets weekly to practice problem solving techniques and general math principles.  The team puts the practice to use at monthly competitions against other Sacramento area middle/K8 school teams.  Competitions include problems from different levels of math rigor.  No prior experience is necessary!  See Ms. Graser for more information.

Advisor: Ms. Graser

Skateboaring Club / 3:(S):C

Skateboarding club, known as 3:(S):C, strives to provide a safe, positive, and fun environment for students of diverse backgrounds to pursue their passion or desire to skateboard, meet and form friendships with other young skaters, and learn.  Whether you’re a beginner or skilled skater come out and join the fun afterschool.

Advisors: Mr. McCaffrey and Mr. Budge

Spartan Club

Spartan club encourages students to become involved with their communities.  Through STEM based activities, student learn to assess the needs of both school and home communities and devise solutions.  In 2017-2018 they decided to work on their school community by looking into campus wildlife.  Through research, they found out what type of habitat was best for the sparrow population and then built 12 new homes for them.  They also planted a garden and flowers for our humming birds and bees.  The Spartan Club connected with the Morrison Creek Revitalization Project in 2017 as well and once they learned the needs of the project (integrating community and creek habitat), they started community outreach through a social media campaign, made and presented power point presentations to ALL Will C. Wood science classes, and were involved in the creek clean up and visioning processes.  

Spartan Club meets every other Wednesday in room 206 after school.

Advisors: Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Yeager