New Pandemic-EBT Card


Summary of information about new P-EBT (Pandemic) federally funded program that will provide extra food benefits for:

All children who attend a public or private school whose family already receives public assistance (CalFRESH, Medi-Cal, foster care)

All children in CA who attend a public or private school who qualify for free or reduced-price school meals.  (Kindergarten through age 21)

Each child who qualifies will receive a P-EBT card mailed to their home address with up to $365 loaded on the card for use by the parents/guardians to buy food for the family.   The card can be used at most grocery stores, certified farmers markets, Amazon and Wal-Mart.

For families with multiple children who are eligible for the card – The family will receive one card with the combined cash value of $365/child loaded on one card.  The card will be listed with the oldest child’s name on it. 

This is a one-time benefit that is completely separate from the CalFresh program.

Families who are already receiving public assistance will automatically receive the P-EBT  card in the mail sometime between May 12-22.

Families who are NOT receiving public assistance will need to go on-line to complete a very simple, 5-minute max application.  The online application will be available beginning May 22 through June 30.  If a family misses the deadline for the application, they cannot apply after June 30.

The application will be available in English, Spanish and Chinese.

The P-EBT card will be mailed to the family within 5-10 days after the online application has been submitted.

Whether the family applies May 22 or June 30, the P-EBT will be the same – up to $365 per child.

The P-EBT is available to every child who meets the public assistance or free and reduced-price school meal criteria – regardless of immigration status

P-EBT benefits will not be affected (in terms of the $$ amount) if the child utilizes the free grab-and-go meals provided at schools

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