General information

Technology At Will C. Wood

Will C. Wood partners with Apple to enrich student learning.

Will C. Wood provides students with 21st century skills. Will C Wood offers computer classes. Has two computer labs, and iPod’s and iPad’s for classroom use. Here are some of the ways your student will be engaged in the latest learning technologies:

  • Computer lab’s and the use of edmodo, research projects, webquests and more. Students have access to open lab time in the evening by joining club ASES.
  • iPod carts that are used in classes to enhance student literacy and reading skills. While creating a fun way to access the curriculum.
  • iPad carts, classes are ready to explore the internet and research specific topics, or explore interactive learning apps. such as; Prezi, garage band, iMovie and many more. Classrooms use this technology to create presentations. 
  • LCD Projectors and Smart boards in EVERY classroom.