English Language Arts Department


At Will C. Wood we strive to create students who are proficient in reading and writing. We believe that being able to write is not only a 21st century skill but a skill necessary to become a great reader. We focus our lessons around the “Write Tools” model of writing. Where each and every student is taught the basics and fundamentals of being a great writer. These skill carry over into all other aspects of our students learning, which help encompass the “common core” standards and discipline.

History Department


Welcome to the History Department.

The Department is made up of Mr. Blackwood, Mr. Budge, Ms. Ledbetter, Ms. Raber, Mr. Richey and Mr. Todd.

We believe in a challenging, rigor filled and engaging curriculum at Will C. Wood. The History Department teaches your students a rich, diverse array of topics.

Math Department


Math is the universal language. Math is essential for nearly all careers and will help you become a more responsible person.

Science Department


Science is the study of the universe, or in other words it is the study of everything.  At Wood, we think science should be fun and explorative.  It should capture a students imagination , and we get them thinking critically . When experiencing phenomena, students should be able to ask questions about it, create models or experiments to test their ideas, draw conclusions from their data, and then communicate their results and findings.  Most of all we want our students to have fun. 

Physical Education Department


Our PE department encourages active, healthy lifestyles, and promotes physical and mental health.  Throughout the year students participate in fun and challenging activities such as basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, softball, soccer, dancing, resistant bands and more



Will C. Wood offers an array of fun and exciting electives that include computers, art, orchestra, robotics and more.